FOMM annual subscriber drive

Dear Friends of FOMM,

It’s time again to ask for contributions to help meet operating expenses which usually come up at this time of year. I was prompted when a long-term reader wrote a letter (it came in the mail) and tucked a $20 note in as her contribution.

It’s not compulsory though, and Friday on My Mind will continue to appear, free and without ads (except for our own outrageous music plugs).

Whatever you can afford ($10, $15, $20 etc), please send to our PayPal account using the email address goodwills <at>

Please mark your contribution ‘FOMM subscription’. We use the funds to pay for insurance, website administration, domain name renewals and associated expenses.

The alternative is to email me and ask for bank details. Do not use last year’s bank details as we have changed to a local bank.

Friday on My Mind started in May 2014 and has been published almost every week since (I may have taken a week off around Christmas). There have also been guest columns, some written by my trusty editor, Laurel Wilson, often known as ‘She who etc” which is of course a nod to the late John Mortimer, whose crusty barrister character Horace Rumpole referred to his good lady wife as “She who must be obeyed”.

If there is a topic I have not entertained and you think I should, do mention it and I will add it to my ‘future FOMM’ folder.

Thanks in advance

Bob & Laurel

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