Recommended Reading

Update August 2022

This list of recommended blogs and online news portals was not easily come by and apart from my own web research, I thank Mr Denmore (The Failed Estate), for sending me on a journey. These blogs will appeal to broad-minded thinkers. Some are very learn-ed or learned, as Homer Simpson might say. A few will lead you on to other blogs and in-depth reading. Some blogs which previously rated on this page have dropped off the Internet.

  • Historian and prolific writer on international affairs Gwynne Dyer has earned his reputation as an independent scribe;
  • Australia’s oldest blogger, Everald Compton, is politically astute and his writings demonstrate a depth of compassion which ought to be the benchmark for admission to politics.
  • Former public service mandarin John Menadue maintains a blog called Pearls and Irritations. He also curates a weekly newsletter with links to writings by others;
  • Independent economist John Quiggin curates what is arguably Australia’s longest-running blog, commentary on Australian & world events from a social-democratic perspective.
  • Crooked Timber is a multi-faceted international blog which will take you on a ride;
  • George Monbiot is a British writer, known for his environmental and political activism;
  • The Conversation is so much more than a blog – real journalism written by experts in their fields;
  •  Politico breaks stories and sustains good quality, in-depth news about the US;
  • Crikey, one of the early adaptors to online journalism has been strengthened by the addition of an investigative united funded by John B Fairfax;
  • Long Reads and Medium are sites where you will find longform journalism, short fiction, interviews and analysis by skilled writers and thinkers;
  • Kathryn Johnston‘s blog Scattered Straws, focuses on homespun philosophy and gentle observations on the life of a retiree in Motowoboa;
  • Michael West is a fearless former mainstream finance journalist now doing the serious investigations the others ought to be doing;
  • First Dog on the Moon is a cartoon with the country’s best satirical words. To the left of Noam Chomsky!
  • Mr Denmore: a gifted media analyst and commentator who posts infrequently in The Failed Estate.

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