Friday on My Mind subscriber drive 2019

Dear WordPress Followers

How quickly a year passes. It is time for my annual subscriber drive, where you get to choose whether to make a small payment to cover ongoing expenses of maintaining the Bobwords website. FOMM is a free weekly essay offered in the spirit of Citizen Journalism. There are no ads on the website and I intend to keep it that way.

If you are a fan of FOMM, which began in May 2014, and would like to see it continue, you can make a voluntary subscriber payment of $10, $15 or $20. The minimum amount equates to 19 cents a week.

If you want to know where the money goes, there is an annual payment of around $285 which covers me for public liability. Then there are payments of about $500 a year to maintain the website and enlist technical support when needed.

Keeping it Simple

If you want to make a payment, email me at bobwords<at> and I will send you my bank details. Just label your payment ‘FOMM subscription’. Alternatively, if you prefer PayPal can make a payment to goodwills<at>

Thanks in anticipation

Bob Wilson

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