A message for WordPress followers of Bobwords

January 15, 2023

Sunday on My Mind – a message for WordPress subscribers

I have been updating the back end of my website bobwords.com.au after encountering some issues. It seems none of you received an email with a link to my Friday blog. Nor was it posted to social media. I have been doing some serious upgrading today on this site and thegoodwills.com. Please bear with us as we may have ongoing issues for a while on both websites. For those of you conversant with website management, the problem was software which is ‘deprecated’ – that is, no longer supported.

You can read Friday’s blog here https://bobwords.com.au/record-stores-future/ but I apologise for the no-show to subscribers. It would be handy if a couple of my email subscribers or WP followers let me know they received this by email.

Let me know by email waikareiti<at>gmail.com if you have any issues in the future.

Bob Wilson

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