Further Reading

December 2015

This list of recommended blogs was not easily come by and apart from my own web research, I thank Mr Denmore (The Failed Estate), for sending me on a journey. These blogs will appeal to broad-minded thinkers; beware, several use expletives. Some are very learn-ed or learned as Homer Simpson might say. A few will lead you on to other blogs and in-depth reading. If Van Badham still had a blog, she’d be on here too. Try The Guardian.

  • Historian and independent journalist Gwynne Dyer
  • A woman’s view on the media – newswithnipples
  • Independent economist John Quiggin provides commentary on Australian & world events from a social-democratic perspective.
  • Club Troppo is a middle-ground group blog focusing on economic, legal, political and social commentary
  • Billed as “journalism from the outside” The Failed Estate by Mr Denmore offers frank insights.
  • Like newswithnipples, the Koori Woman colours her prose with expletives. A black woman’s view of Australia.
  • Crooked Timber is a multi-faceted international blog which will take you on a ride.
  • George Monbiot is a British writer, known for his environmental and political activism
  • The Flying PhD as its author Andrew Weatherall says, features stories from research and medicine up in the air.
  • The Conversation is so much more than a blog – real journalism written by experts in their fields.